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Wisconsin Bat Removal


 Bats will roost in attics, chimneys, eaves, under siding, soffit's, roof tiles, shingles, or behind shutters. A bat can enter through an opening as small as one-half inch in diameter. Bats can be detected by the presence of black stains from body oils or bat droppings.

If it is detected that you have a bat colony roosting in your attic, have a wildlife technician fix the problem for you, and have all the bat guano cleaned up and disinfected. Stateline Animal Control Inc. would exclude the bats by either netting or tubes.  

Wisconsin Skunks


Many Skunks carry rabies, which is a serious disease that infects several warm-blooded animals. When a Skunk has rabies, it can be easily transmitted to other animals by direct contact, biting. When a Skunk has rabies, it is not uncommon to see them tame, and wandering around in daytime, showing no fear of humans, or they could appear nervous or unusually aggressive.

Skunks are diggers. This causes problems for those of you keep a maintained yard, and for those who have decks/porches as this makes good homes for skunks.  At Stateline Animal Control Inc. we dig 6 to 8 inches deep, install 1/4 x 1/4 inch wire mesh and back fill, to prevent any future nuisance animal making a home on your property.  




Many of our calls consist of raccoons in the chimney's/fireplace. Specifically, mother raccoons are looking for somewhere warm to live and to have their babies. It is very dangerous for several reasons. You may not know they were living in there and start a fire and potentially burn the raccoons. Also, they can get through the screen and potentially gain access into your home. When we get calls, we first safely remove the raccoons from the chimney, we then install a chimney cap. If you have a chimney you MUST have a chimney cap. This will eliminate an animal(s) ever being able to gain access.

Our company offers attic clean outs. After the raccoons are removed, we would come and remove all the urine and fecal matter left behind, disinfect, and then blow in new insulation, to the required R Value. We also install chimney caps, to prevent any other nuisance animal to make a home in your fireplace.




A Squirrel has 4 to 6 baby squirrels. The Squirrel mates twice a year, in the Spring or late Winter and in the Summer. Like humans, Mother Squirrels make nests in the safest place possible, which is generally attics, they also like the cavities of your walls. They love to live in attics because it is warmer, drier, and safer. Squirrels love to chew on wires, wood, and duct work. On the exterior of your home they will chew on your soffits, wood, and siding. The National Home Owner Insurance reports that 1 out of 3 home fires are caused from rodents. 

Stateline Animal Control Inc. will come out and do a complete inspection. We would figure out where the entry/exit point is and install a one-way door over the hole and seal any other holes.  If your attic is damaged due to the nuisance animals, we also offer attic clean outs. We would remove any damaged insulation, due to the animal defecating and urinating. We would disinfect, and then replace with new insulation to the required R value.



 The Opossum is the only marsupial in North America. They have a pouch on their abdomen where their young are carried & get milk. In Wisconsin they mate in March and are born after 2 weeks. Opossums have from 3 to 25 young that must climb 3 to 4 inches upward into the pouch. Only about 6 to 7 young will survive. The typical Opossum is the size of a house cat, and is usually seen waddling slowly in woodland areas, near streams, marshes, farmland, and your yard after dark.


You can find them all over Wisconsin. They have coarse light gray fur, short legs, long scaly tail, large round ears, and a coned shaped head. The Opossum is sluggish and has a repulsive smell. The Opossum is an omnivore, so it's not very picky. It will eat just about anything it can find. In the daytime, they hide in hollow logs, trees, brush piles, rock and stump crevices and under buildings. We get many calls from clients who need us to remove these Opossums from under their deck/porches or under barns. Stateline Animal Control Inc. will come out and complete an Inspection. We would then either set live traps, or if possible complete a deck/porch exclusion, and install a one-way door for the exclusion of Opossums.